But Do You Really?

This post explores the topic of sexuality, particularly mine, and is probably a little too candid/overshare, but it’s part of the puzzle and a part I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately. The year is 1998. My mom is trying to figure out how to handle having a preteen starting to openly express her… Continue reading But Do You Really?

Looking Forward To 30

Perhaps I cursed myself by falling in love with the film 13 Going on 30 when it first came out (I was 15 at the time!). ¬†As I approach 30, I still look forward to being, if not flirty, thriving because my twenties have been anything but that. Unlike Jenna Rink, I have neither clawed… Continue reading Looking Forward To 30


Very recently a good friend I met online several years back was giving me advice and in phrasing it said, loosely, “I don’t know what your circle is like” in regards to the people I have in my everyday face-to-face life whom I’ve known for a while and/or am comfortable with. It was met with… Continue reading Unsocial(ized)

Pressed: Battling Depression in an Evangelical Home

As of today, I am a depression survivor. This is no small thing, and it is an ongoing thing. I woke up this morning. I’m living my life in spite of my urge to give in to the depression – if not to the point of suicide, at least to the point of allowing it… Continue reading Pressed: Battling Depression in an Evangelical Home

The right not to vote in America can be a liberating one.

Voting is a big deal. I want to say that up front. Some countries don’t have the right to vote as those in the United States do. Many in the United States had to fight for the right to vote too. So it’s a big deal and not voting can be seen as a slap… Continue reading The right not to vote in America can be a liberating one.

fear will be your enemy

INTRODUCTION: The first post is always the hardest. Especially when it’s not something of a lighthearted fare. While I intend for this blog to be just as much whimsical and nonsensical as sober and cathartic, it feels necessary to begin with the serious. The point of this blog is to find myself. It’s to find… Continue reading fear will be your enemy